Top Popular Pokie Myths Finally Put To Rest

Pokies are the most popular gambling game in the world, and for good reason. They’re fun, visually spectacular, and offer some great winning opportunities. But pokies are also a magnet for myths, conspiracy theories, and a ton of nonsense stories. The fact of the matter is that the machines are regulated and regularly audited. Be they online, or in a land based casino, independent authorities keep a close eye on them.

Regardless, let’s take a look at some of the most commonly believed pokie myths and put them to bed.

Hot And Cold Streak Fallacies

It is common to hear someone declare that a pokie is on a hot streak, or cold streak. The truth is that there is no such thing as a streak at all. The random number generator (RNG) in a gambling game is exactly that; random. Since the game never takes note of whether a round is a win or a loss, there is no hot or cold at all.

It is all luck, 100% of the time. Humans have a perception that wins or losses are more frequent, and assign a terminology. But just because random luck has been given a name, it doesn’t make it anything more than random luck. There is no hot or cold, just probability.

Online Slots Are More Generous

Both online and land-based slots work on a return to player (RTP) statistic. RTP determines how much will be given back to the player over a period of time, theoretically speaking. So it isn’t that online slots are more generous, it’s that some have a higher RTP. Which doesn’t mean that land based slots also don’t have a high RTP.

The bottom line is that smart pokie players check the RTP before playing, no matter if it is online or in a casino.

Operators Adjust Payout Amounts

This is amongst the most popular of all myths. Apparently casinos put higher paying pokies by the door, or sites adjust payout rates as they see fit. Perhaps it’s that VIP players win more often, or that payout rates are lowered after a jackpot.

The hard truth is that it is completely illegal for operators to do any of the above. Given that authorities audit venues and sites regularly, the operator would lose their license immediately. Additionally, it wouldn’t be easy by any stretch of the imagination for official pokies to be tampered with, both land based and online. Anyone entering Big Dollar casino login details, for example, is seen as any other player. It is all but insane to think that a site would adjust payout amounts for certain players, not others, and somehow not be caught by authorities.

Pokies Can Be Hacked

Last but not least, it seems as if every few months a rumour circulates that online slots can be hacked. Online casinos have incredibly robust security, generally utilising SSL encryption technology. If a hacker did, somehow, bypass this, the site would know immediately. Land based casino have had problems with manual vandals in the past, but have since dramatically upgraded security.

Hacking an online pokie is near impossible, tampering with a land based version is a quick way to get arrested and banned from casinos forever.

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