How to Trick a Slot Machine to Win

Slot machines boast some of the highest payouts in any casino, making them an attractive target for cheaters who attempt to exploit system in order to win big.

Tommy Glenn Carmichael was one of the most well-known slot cheats, famous for inventing a device known as a monkey paw. This trick allowed him to turn smaller wins into bigger jackpots.

Scatter symbols

Scatter symbols are one of the most beloved slot game features. They can provide players with bonus games, free spins and other exciting prizes – although their rules differ between games; traditional red cherries require them to line up on an activated payline before awarding bonuses or payouts are activated; with scatters not needing such restrictions for payouts or bonus games to trigger.

Most slot games pay by way of lines or ways starting with the leftmost reel, however some break this mold with scatter symbols which can appear anywhere on the reels and provide various rewards depending on their presence – making it easier for newer players to understand – for instance three scattered symbols could earn you free spins bonus feature as well as multiply winnings exponentially making this feature an excellent addition to any game; but make sure that before using one that it checks its pay table to see which are eligible!

Bonus rounds

Slot bonuses don’t follow one universal strategy; each game comes with its own set of rules and mechanics that govern them, so reading the paytable before starting play will help you understand how a bonus round works and when to trigger it. Furthermore, it is wise to manage your bankroll wisely: set yourself a budget that doesn’t exceed its limit so as not to overspending on bonuses.

Years ago, slots used laser sensors to register coin insertion. Cheaters would attach string to coins they wanted to insert and “yo-yo” it into the machine with hopes that its sensor would mistake this as real coin insertion. Unfortunately this method of cheating no longer works effectively.

There are a few tricks you can use to increase your odds of slot bonus wins without breaking any rules, but these should not be seen as cheating. Instead, these simple strategies allow you to play more controllably – rather than following superstitions, try understanding what drives luck and creating strategies to maximize winning odds.

Payback percentages

Payback percentages can help increase your odds of winning at slot machines, and should be looked for when choosing machines with high payback percentages. Calculated by casinos and displayed either on a menu screen or printed sticker attached to each machine, selecting one with an optimal payback percentage increases your chance of success significantly. To improve your chances of success when choosing machines with high payback percentages is paramount for successful outcomes.

Cheaters also often employ fake coins in order to deceive machines into thinking they had been inserted, then pull on strings with coins attached in order to trigger a payout. This strategy was popular until Louis Colavecchio invented his famous monkey paw technique.

People often believe they can determine when a slot machine will pay out, however this belief often rests on superstition. Following these tips won’t guarantee winning, but can at least reduce risk. Furthermore, playing within your budget is always recommended.


Software engineer from the Nevada Gaming Commission discovered that computer chips inside slot machines could be altered to cheat. He successfully programmed them so they operated normally but paid out large jackpots only when players knew the “source code.” His team used this scam successfully for years before being caught; unfortunately this tactic no longer works as slot machines now use an optic sensor to track coin insertion.

Utilizing magnetism to trick a laser sensor into thinking a coin has been inserted is another form of slots cheating, used successfully by Ronald Dale Harris at casinos for years. Although no longer effective today, Ronald Dale Harris once employed this strategy with great success to take money off them!

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