Florida Lottery Jackpot Triple Play

The Jackpot Triple Play is a unique form of lottery game in which players may advance their plays for up to 30 consecutive drawings. To play this type of game, players may choose the first set of numbers on their play slip, or they may tell the retailer that they want to play for 30 consecutive drawings. The first set of numbers can be selected by the player, while the second set of numbers is randomly chosen by Quick Pick. The third set of numbers cannot be selected by the player or manually entered by the retailer.

Players can win up to $1 million playing Jackpot Triple Play, which is an expansion of the traditional game. This version of the game costs $1 per play, and the jackpot prize may roll over to $2 million if a jackpot winner is not drawn. The excess amount in the jackpot prize pool is then used to pay out prizes on the lower tiers. The jackpot triple play uses a Quick Pick system, in which the first six numbers print on a single line. The second and third sets print on separate lines and are played separately.

The Jackpot Triple Play starts at $250,000 and rolls over every time a jackpot is not won. The jackpot rollover is the second highest jackpot of the game, and the extra money added to the prize pool is used to increase the lower tier prizes. Jackpot Triple Play also adds the Combo feature, which increases the chances of winning multiple times with the same ticket. When you win, the prize must be claimed within 180 days of the draw date.

In Florida, the Jackpot Triple Play game replaced the Lucky Money game in February 2019. It offers three chances to win the jackpot for one dollar by choosing any combination of six numbers. If you are looking for an easy way to win the jackpot, you may want to opt for Florida Fantasy 5 instead. The game also does not draw powerball or bonus numbers, but the Combo box gives you an additional $10,000 chance to win the jackpot. So, if you want to win big, make sure to play the jackpot triple play every week.

The Jackpot Triple Play is a unique game offered by the Florida Lottery. The draws take place twice weekly, at 23:15 Eastern Time. Players may purchase tickets up to two hours before the draw. Any tickets purchased after that time are automatically entered into the next draw. Players have three chances to win using the same ticket, and a ticket is worth one dollar. The jackpot is divided equally among the three winners, so you should always consider all of them.

The Jackpot Prize will be paid to the winner in twenty-five equal installments, if there are any. However, if the Jackpot Prize does not reach the estimated cash equivalent, it will roll over to the next draw. In the meantime, any extra money will be rolled over to the next JACKPOT TRIPLE PLAY drawing. The winner may then choose to receive one lump sum payment or 25 annual payments. This is the best option for players who would like to receive a large sum of money but are unable to make a lump sum payment.

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