Cary Katz Files $20 Million Lawsuit Against His Own Company

Millionaire poker player Cary Katz is filing a $20 million lawsuit against his own company in an attempt to avoid debt. This lawsuit comes after he has donated $15,000 to the campaign of Mark Hutchison, the handpicked candidate of Sandoval for lieutenant governor. It is unclear whether Katz’s involvement in the political process was related to the lawsuit. Regardless, it is worth noting that Katz has a storied history in the poker world, and his contributions are far from small.

In August 2015, he won the Super High Roller Bowl London for $1,492,340. In January of this year, Katz won the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure for a prize pool of $20,850. In August of that same year, he finished 21st in the $5,000 WPT Legends of Poker Main Event. During his time at the WPT, Katz has cashed over $24,300,000 in high roller events.

Despite being the CEO of PokerGO, Katz’s wealth isn’t all about the game. In addition to running a company that provides high-end poker tournaments, he also founded CRTV and PokerGO, which is a subscription-based streaming service. As a businessman, Cary Katz also founded the conservative media website CRTV. Currently, he serves as a board member of the Gabriel Catholic School and the Stop Child Predators organization.

The founder of College Loan Corp., Cary Katz is the sixth-richest player in history. The company issued more than $10 billion in loans in 2008 and has a total of $33.1 million in career earnings. However, new laws in 2010 forced the company to shut down, and the bankruptcy proceedings resulted in the loss of the company. With these new laws, the game is now in a state of reorganization.

In addition to his poker career, Cary Katz is also a successful businessman. He has won $17 million in tournaments and is the founder of Poker Central/PokerGO. He also founded the US Poker Open and Super High Roller Bowl, which are among the highest-stakes events in the world. There are no limits to Katz’s success. He has made final tables in twenty-one poker tournaments in his career and has cashed 41 times.

Despite his success in the poker world, Katz has yet to win his first WSOP gold bracelet. Although he has a limited access to his tweets, his net worth has been estimated to be between $1.5 million and $5 million. However, his net worth remains unknown. In 2010, he had a modest income of only $450,000. In 2009, he had a modest income, but his business has helped him earn an additional $100,000.

As of July 2014, Katz is the top-ranked individual in Nevada. He was the runner-up in the Super High Roller Bowl London for $1.5 million. During the last election cycle, he has contributed $858,200 to various political campaigns, including Republican and Tea Party causes. In 2016, he was the only non-Donalson Adelson in Nevada to cash in for this prize. Moreover, his political contributions in the past few years have increased.