Bingo Strategy – Winning Tips For Enthusiasts

There’s no such thing as a ‘one-size-fits-all’ bingo strategy: winning is part skill and part luck But there are a few simple strategies than can help your chances.

Tippett’s hypothesis is that small bingo games, specifically those with short playing times, will tend toward different-numbered ends, while longer games (75 ball game) will favour a median number (38).

Pay attention to the MC

Over the course of a game of bingo, it is very important that you keep your ears peeled for every letter and number called out – missing only one number may be all it takes to halt any viable patterns! Equally, when playing, make sure that you heed your caller’s instructions and keep your eye on the ball. Whether online or in a bricks-and-mortar establishment, this is imperative.

And get there before the start of your game so you can buy cards and situate yourself before the action starts. Use the time to greet friends, relax with some drinks, and ease your mind – all excellent for getting into the game spirit.

Choosing a few less bingo players to compete against can give you a better chance of winning at Lantern Club – but this tactic might not always work; there are games there where the outcome isn’t determined by the number of players, but by the amount of tickets bought.

Choose your numbers wisely

There are many patterns in Bingo, and many different types of games. However, the basic rules are always the same. If you’re a hardcore pattern-recognition type or just looking to have fun – choose your cards wisely!

(The great British statistician Leonard H C Tippett recommends cards with numbers almost at either of the extremes of the range of numbers used 1 and 75 or 90 for short-game bingo, while for longer sessions they should choose cards closer to their median numbers 38 in 75-ball bingo, 45 in 90-ball).

One fairly standard way to make your game more congenial is to purchase extra cards as part of your strategy of chasing the joker, though beware of spending too much on adding cards to the deck. Play at off-peak times where you will have more time to look for patterns. Pool cards by swapping with other players. Encourage community spirit and generosity.

Keep track of the numbers you’ve already marked off

Obviously, one way to boost your odds of Bingo victory is to play more cards, but novices need to understand how to manage card quantities and patterns effectively – especially if they are struggling to develop their fine motor skills.

Bet more tickets than other people – that won’t guarantee a win, but it’ll greatly improve your chances, and could make all the difference when playing jackpot games, which could mean winning nothing or a life-changing prize!

As Granville himself pointed out, some numbers are called more often than others. For example, he demonstrated that numbers ending in 1 and 9 are designated equally often. The same is true of odd and even numbers. Also, most calls are situated in the middle of the range: between 38 and 75.

Avoid distractions

In a game of bingo, attentiveness and concentration play a crucial role in winning. If you start talking to people or check your phone, you won’t track the calls given. So as much attention as you can put to it will aid you with these tasks.

You need to have enough time to wake up and have a nutritious breakfast if you want to stay alert during a tournament. You need to make sure to show up on time if you want to select your cards, greet some good friends, and unpack your things before the games start.

Finally, one more tip: playing in the quieter times, in the middle of the week, when fewer people are playing will improve your odds of doing well because the prize money will be less.

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